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"Every sympathetic protagonist needs a formidable antagonist. Countertenor Nicholas Garza, in his Ars Lyrica debut, was more than up to the task as the evil Sorceress. One could not help delighting in his antics, by turns frightening and comic, as he plotted Dido’s downfall with his wayward coven. In the cave scene from Act II, he snarls and writhes, eyes sharp and wicked, black nails flashing as he calls for his “wayward sisters” to appear at his call to do his bidding. Garza’s countertenor is rich and powerful, and his delivery of the text clear and deliberate, punctuated by physical gestures that lend potency to his words. He has a stage presence that commands attention and he is simply fun to watch." - Sherry Cheng, Arts and Culture Texas


 “If there was a single standout, it was Nicholas Garza, his countertenor full and fluent, glowing on top, dispensed with the loveliest legato.” - The Dallas Morning News 

"After the death of Christ, Nicholas Garza turned in an affecting “Es ist vollbracht” (“It is finished”), elegantly shaping phrases with his rich alto." - The Dallas Morning News 

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